Bitcoin Cash Network Meetings

Thank you for taking the initiative to present a discussion item at the next Bitcoin Cash Network Meeting!

All presentations must follow the format laid out in this document. This makes the discussions easy to follow, for both audiences and participants. To ensure that the discussions are efficient and high quality, all presentations must be submitted ahead of time for review.

Proposals can be submitted either as a video of the presentation, or as text. Text submissions should effectively be a script of your presentation. Either way, a presentation should simply be answers to the questions laid out in this document in the order they appear. For help and review, please join the BCH Network Discussions telegram group!

  1. Problem Statement/Use Case
  2. Properties of a good solution/implementation
  3. Current Proposal/Implementation
  4. Recognition of costs
  5. Suggested Stakeholders

For more information about how a discussion will be structured, please see

Network Meeting Procedure